[Podcast] Game Plan Your Next Job - Acing the Interview with Dr. David Hoch

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/12/2018


Acing the Interview – Dr. David Hoch

Show Notes:

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, Keith talks to former athletic director Dr. David Hoch about acing the interview. Dr. Hoch has served as an athletic director in the state of Maryland and has been on multiple committees. Dr. Hoch shares several personal experiences for coaches to learn how to go about interviews. Keith offers some basic principles of what is needed by a coach as Dr. Hoch dives in depth about multiple factors within the interview.

00:45 Dr. Hoch Bio

02:50 Scout, prepare and plan for the interview

03:34 Make sure you’ve done your research

04:45 Understand education-based athletics

06:25 There must be educational value in your character

07:10 Dr. Hoch’s interview example

10:10 Start positive

11:00 Keith’s tips for preparing for an interview

12:10 Know who you’re going to be dealing with

13:25 Know who they are and why they’re there

14:25 The more information you have, the better you can plan

15:45 Providing the portfolio

16:50 Can you clearly and concisely explain your philosophy?

18:40 Be able to explain “why”

22:00 You need to understand the school and the kids

24:30 You also have the choice to turn down the interview

26:00 Key points that come up in interviews

30:40 Don’t get caught off guard

31:30 Write down questions that were asked and review your answers

33:05 Grow and learn from every interview

35:25 Never answer a question you don’t fully understand

37:05 Provide clear and concise answers

38:25 Closing questions

39:15 Dr. Hoch’s bad examples of closing questions

43:12 Things you could ask

44:25 Closing statements

45:05 Send thanks for the opportunity

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