[Podcast] Home Team with Joel Nellis featuring Sean Lewis

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/3/2019

Show Notes:

On today’s USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast, the “Home Team” series returns, which will broadcast once a week over the next several weeks featuring guest host Joel Nellis.

On today’s episode, Nellis is joined by Sean Lewis, head coach at Kent State University (Ohio). Upon his hiring, Coach Lewis became the youngest Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) head coach in the country at the age of 31. Together, Nellis and Coach Lewis discuss the importance of his wife, balancing football with family and the legacy he wants to leave with his players.

02:00 Sean Lewis intro

04:30 Meeting his wife

05:50 Coach Lewis’ wife involvement

07:32 What makes her so valuable in Lewis’ life?

08:35 Coach Lewis’ son, Rory

10:15 Deciding to go into college coaching

12:36 Wife’s support being instrumental

14:20 Decision to have kids

16:35 Suggestions in the moving process as a coach

18:25 Small things Coach Lewis does to help his marriage during the season

22:55 One thing Coach Lewis does to help on the home front

24:35 Deciding to take a trip with the wife while coaching

27:03 You must be able to detach

27:38 How to manage phone time at home

32:22 All that matters is what the kids know

34:15 A struggle Coach Lewis has overcome with family and coaching

37:20 Lewis family increase in communication

38:25 How Coach Lewis’ commitment to family helps his players grow as men

39:23 Be the alpha

44:36 How Coach Lewis makes his players feel cared about beyond football

46:50 One thing Coach Lewis changed in the last three years to become a better coach

48:12 Victory formation

49:20 The legacy Coach Lewis wants to leave

51:00 National Conference

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Photo Courtesy: Jana Life