[Podcast] Coach Grabowski's Notebook - Off-Season Standards

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/2/2019

Show Notes:

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith Grabowski shares a page from his notebook about off season standards for a team. Keith reflects on his time at the high school coaching level, and what he and his staff put together for their program. Keith breaks down his chart and how it developed for him in his coaching career.

01:34 National Conference

02:15 Influence of the program standards for Keith

03:22 Discussing with the staff

03:55 Setting the standards

04:35 The two levels of the standards

05:20 Player motivation

06:21 Attendance

06:50 Short awards and recognition

07:00 Seeing the program pay-off

07:38 Chart specifics

Program Management

08:05 Teaching lift technique

09:00 Getting the players to work as athletes

09:35 Recognition every four weeks

10:05 USA Football Blogs

10:17 @FBDevCoach


11:00 National Conference

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