[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski pulls a page from his notebook about his idea of offseason awards

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/27/2018

This week in Keith Grabowski’s notebook, coach offers an idea used in his coaching career to motivate and hold players accountable in the offseason. Offseason awards are something to recognize and challenge players to compete during the offseason. Coach Grabowski lays out his blueprint, reasoning of this method and the success that it brought his program.

Show Notes:

00:39 Topics in Keith’s notebook

01:00 National Conference

01:40 Why and what was the idea behind it?

03:42 Weight clubs

04:40 The setup

06:00 Most improved lifter

06:32 Top overall lifter

06:50 Top pound-for-pound lifter

07:15 Top position group lifter

07:55 Top individual lift

08:12 Perfect attendance

08:40 Beast of the week

10:38 Academics

11:09 Highest GPA

11:38 Academic athlete

11:52 No D’s or F’s

12:32 Greatest improvement

12:40 Highest position group GPA

13:28 Highest position group point total

13:55 Rob Pomazak “Installing fun”

14:15 Winners’ rewards

15:12 Perfect attendance weekly raffle

16:37 Extrinsic to intrinsic motivation

17:12 Keith’s document

17:30 Interact with Coach Grabowski

18:00 Football development


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