[Podcast] Master Trainers Terry Summerfield and Rob Currin share their experience with the Advanced Tackling System

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/7/2019

Show Notes: Master Trainers Terry Summerfield and Rob Currin share their experience with ATS

USA Football officially launches the Advanced Tackling System (ATS) developed in conjunction with Tackling Specialist Richie Gray. The Advanced Tackling System is a system that can be layered upon the USA Football Shoulder Tackling System or any tackle system coaches may use. The ATS introduces the “5 Fights of Tackle” philosophy to help break down the aspects of the tackle with key performance indicators (KPIs).

In today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, Keith Grabowski is joined by master trainers Terry Summerfield and Rob Currin. Summerfield and Currin describe their initial thoughts of the system when presented, as well as the result after implementing the system in their respective programs. The two-give detail and insight of why this system is so helpful, and how the system’s “fight” philosophy can be applied across the board for players and coaches.

:00 The Advanced Tackling System

03:28 The coaches’ initial start with the ATS

08:35 Get the tackle systems at Footballdevelopment.com

09:25 The 5 Fights

13:40 Practicing the tackle without tackling

18:50 The ATS building a culture

21:55 Key performance indicator (KPI)

23:00 Importance of the KPI's

28:10 5 fights philosophy across all positions

29:40 Biggest takeaway for Coach Currin

31:50 Value of the ATS

34:50 Richie Gray’s unique input

36:08 Opportunity at National Conference

36:55 The coaches’ thoughts on National Conference

39:10 Connect with the coaches:

Terry Summerfield

Email: tsummerfield@usafootball.com

Rob Currin

Twitter: @rob_currin

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