[Podcast] Coach Grabowski’s Notebook - A plan for building tradition: embrace the past; build the future

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/10/2019

Coach Grabowski shares a page from his notebook with several ideas on how to build tradition into the culture of the program and connect the past to the future.

National Conference

00:55    A plan to create community with players and alumni

02:17    How to use these ideas

02:30    Defining “tradition”

03:26    Starting the process of building tradition

03:55    Using the school library and yearbooks as a resource

04:37    What to do with the information gathered

05:09    Enlisting the help of alumni

05:48    Creating lists of past players and accomplishments

06:33    Including tradition in the physical space of the team

08:21    The “Alumni Locker”

Alumni Lockers

10:09    Creating a “helmet history”

11:56    Example from a team newsletter

14:18    Creating connection through jersey numbers

16:04    Recommendations for player letters to alumni

17:12    Final thoughts and recommendations

17:39    Share your ideas with us

Twitter: @coachkgrabowski

Twitter: @FBDevCoach

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