[PODCAST] Keith and Brian Kight talk about the 'Win by Don't' concept on behavior

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 9/20/2018


This week on the Leadership Journey edition of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith and Brian get in depth on behavior. Brian calls this “Win by Don’t,” by painting a picture of how behavior is core to a program’s success. He gives us the five “don’ts” that are pivotal not only to football, but also life. The hosts give real life examples of how this works and how they have been affected by different behavioral situations, emphasizing why it is important to have these instilled in your program if you’re not already implementing them now.

Show Notes

02:14 Behavior runs everything

04:00 Influences of behavior

05:45 Grinder mentality

08:00 Culture and strategy

09:25 Execution is the intersection of culture and strategy

10:00 Culture is to drive winning behavior

12:40 Simplify behavior

13:00 Behavior is 3 things

13:10 What you do

13:28 What you don’t do

13:50 How you do it

17:20 Win by don’t

17:30 Success begins with the things you choose not to do

17:55 Don’t do anything that can cost you everything

18:25 5 Don’ts

19:25 Don’t do anything that can take away from practice or playing time

21:03 Do not lie

24:07 Don’t BCD - blame, complain or be defensive

25:15 Don’t violate the culture

27:15 Don’t get involved with the wrong people

30:00 You can do everything but those 5

31:30 Success begins with giving yourself a chance

33:00 All of it transfers

33:45 Make sure you’re living what you promote


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