[Podcast] State Champions - Adam Clack

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/14/2019

Show Notes:

This week on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, Keith Grabowski is joined by Adam Clack, head coach at Milton High School (GA). Coach Clack has a unique system of how he builds culture with 7 keys to Victory. He gives a lot of his credit to success to his early involvement with youth football and seeing how hard the job is as a head coach.

01:00 What made Coach Clack become a football coach

02:22 What Coach Clack learned at the first job

04:25 Three impacts on Coach Clack’s philosophy

07:15 A coach that Coach Clack would love to learn from

09:00 7 Keys to Victory

17:05 Building culture

23:23 Behaviors that show Coach Clack’s culture

26:15 Coach Clack working with the quarterbacks

30:25 Pro spread 21 personnel

33:20 Coach Clack’s PRO

37:05 Teaching the system

40:20 Coach Clack’s use of the practice timer

42:30 Future of the game

44:10 Football Development

45:45 Winning edge

47:10 Connect with coach:

Twitter: @CoachClack23

Email: clackaj@fultonschools.org

Photo Courtesy: Milton High School Football Twitter Page

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