[Podcast] State Champion - Dean Fabrizio, Lee County High School (GA)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/23/2019

Show Notes:

Today, Keith Grabowski continues his conversations with state champion coaches and is joined by Coach Dean Fabrizio, head coach at Lee County High School (Ga). When Coach Fabrizio took over as Lee County’s head coach, the team had just finished 0-10, losing 19 of its previous 20 games. In 2018, Lee County finished 15-0, winning back-to-back 6A state titles. Grabowski and Coach Fabrizio discuss the program’s turn around and his system’s development through that time.

00:57 Coach Fabrizio’s decision to coach

02:13 Building the program from the ground up

04:17 Process of turning the program around

06:10 Helping revamp the lower levels

07:45 Getting the right people involved

10:05 Coach Fabrizio’s role as head coach

10:40 Managing both sides of the ball

12:23 Handling balance

14:23 Coach Fabrizio’s core tenets to build upon

16:57 Evolution of the offense

19:30 Evolution of the defense

21::51 Multiple defense

22:35 Preparing the defense to RPO

24:15 Handling the two-platoon system

28:26 Coach Fabrizio’s practice efficiency

31:10 Coach Fabrizio’s proudest moment at Lee County

33:00 Lessons from Lee County High School

34:25 Winning edge

35:20 Connect with coach:

Email: fabriziode@lee.k12.ga.us

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