[Podcast] Coach Grabowski's Notebook - The Leadership Ladder

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/1/2019

Show Notes: 

Coach Grabowski’s Notebook – The Leadership Ladder

I first saw The Leadership Ladder during a clinic presentation by Gregg Brandon, then the head coach at Bowling Green State University. I really like how this simplifies the levels of leadership, and this has become a tool that I share with my seniors during the off-season.

Leadership Ladder

00:42 Learning from Gregg Brandon HC at Colorado School of the Mines

01:12 A tool to share with players

01:31 Starting with a coach driven off season

01:55 Move the individual to being about others

02:37 Overview of the five levels

03:38 Lowest level – seniority

03:54 Selfish – not invested in the team

04:07 Unselfish producing some results but not necessarily for others

04:38 Self-sacrifice – committed to the team and making sacrifices

04:57 Investment in others and being influential presence

05:25 Off season starts with more of an individual focus and more coach driven

05:45 Coaches need to model positive leadership

06:21 Utilize the leadership ladder to have conversations with players

07:17 Positive individuals and how to deal with those not aligned\

08:05 Transition to player driven by creating opportunities

09:09 Focus 3


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