[Podcast] Deep Dive on Defense w/ Chris Vasseur - Schematic Transition 3 LBs to 3 High Safeties w/ Adam Gaylor

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 4/16/2019

On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, the series “Deep Dive on Defense” continues with guest host and Clovis (Calif.) High School defensive coordinator Chris Vasseur.

This series gives defensive coaches an opportunity to find and share concepts that are most commonly available for their counterparts on offense.

Today, Coach Vasseur is joined by Jenks (Okla.) High School defensive coordinator Adam Gaylor to discuss the schematic evolution of three linebackers to three-deep safeties. Coach Gaylor explains why the change happened and explains the creativity it provides a defense.

00:20 - Intro

06:04 - Deep Dive intro

07:46 - Gaylor's early journey and schematic foundation

19:17 - Joining Broken Arrow (Okla.) High School

22:06 - Running 4-3, Tampa 2

24:12 - Switching to quarters

28:05 – Coaches notes

36:55 - Defending the pistol

43:20 - The pirate stunt

51:30 – Tilt-nose technique

57:00 - Playing 2-techniques

1:07:02 Transitioning to three-down linemen

1:16:30 Incorporating three-high safeties

1:20:44 Nickel alignment and dealing with FIB

1:24:22 Selecting personnel for a three-high safety defense

1:26:32 3 High safety coverages

1:30:17 What will you call?


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