[Podcast] Analytics to Improve Tackling and Scheme with Rob Everett

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 5/17/2019

Rob Everett, former tight ends coach for the AAF’s Memphis Express and Bridgewater College (Va.) defensive coordinator, joins us again to explain how utilizing analytics around the tackle can help improve the individual as well as work into scheme improvement and game planning.

00:00 - Intro
01:47 - Experience with the Advanced Tackling System
03:40 - Vince DiGaetano 
05:20 - Analytics in tackling
09:06 - Necessities of the analytical process
14:27 - What do you do with the data?

19:49 - Player feedback
24:40 - Weaving analytics into your culture
26:36 - Player sheets
27:28 - Team defense and scheme
30:10 - Marrying data with scheme
31:22 - Conclusion
34:56 - Outro

Advanced Tackling System

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