[Podcast] All In On Offense: A Holistic Approach to Protecting the Passer – Dan Gonzalez

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/14/2020

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski spoke with offensive guru Dan Gonzalez. A four-year letterman at the University of Texas, Dan Gonzalez worked his way up the ranks. He remained in the state of Texas and served as the offensive coordinator at Abilene Christian University, Ranger College and North Lamar High School. Throughout his career, Dan has learned various concepts about the passing game and he now serves as an advisor for several programs. His insight and knowledge on creating an explosive offensive passing attack has helped several coaches across the country. Learn what methods Gonzalez advises to implement when it comes to protecting your quarterback on today’s episode. 

0:20  USA Football 2020 National Conference

1:41 Intro 

2:30 Success of Dan Gonzalez’s clients 

6:36 A.C.T.S.

10:44 Applying a progressive passing system

14:59 Scan read with quarterback

17:08 Holistic approach to pass protection

17:09 Assessing collisions in football

20:51 Examples of proper protection schemes

25:54 Hot routes and simulated pressures

31:51 Protections adjustments and delays

34:29 Systemizing terminology

37:38 Scripting for protecting the passer

42:24 Game planning in practice

47:02 Formation disadvantages

49:04 Preparing for blitz pickup

53:33 Simplifying terminology

58:06 Dan’s progressive passing system

59:38 Closing

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