[Podcast] Read and Shoot - Dan Gonzalez

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/18/2019

Show Notes:

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith Grabowski is joined by Dan Gonzalez, author of “Read and Shoot." In this book Gonzalez breaks down building offensive systems, install, game-planning and player development within the systems.

Taking advantage of the vast informational resources available to him, Gonzalez developed a passing system that combined ideas from some of the most vaunted offenses in college and professional football. He later enhanced the system so that youth players could learn and execute the same concepts and techniques. Further, the same concepts have been used to aid high schools in not only developing school record holders, but perennial playoff contenders and state champions as well. Gonzalez delves into the theory and teaching that goes beyond the playbook and into the coaching behind the X’s and O’s. 

00:52 What is “Read and Shoot”

03:40 What trends went into the book?

06:18 Keys to building an offensive system

09:36 System for the players

11:28 Setting up a read system for quarterbacks

13:30 Breaking down installation

15:22 Player development

17:27 Getting the wideouts involved

19:25 Keys to game-planning

21:53 Managing new ideas

25:09 Getting through the game plan on game day

27:02 What defensive trends should coaches account for in 2019?

29:50 Running game

32:15 Connect with coach:

Website: Gonzalezpassinggame.weebly.com

Twitter: Dan_Gonzalez16


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