[PODCAST] Carey (Idaho) High School coach Lane Kirkland talks about training his 8-man team with sandbags

By Matt Reed | Posted 6/25/2018

(photo via fnfcoaches.com)


Today’s guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Lane Kirkland, head coach at Carey High School (Idaho). Carey High School is an 8-man football school in Idaho. Kirkland starts his 18th season as a head coach at Carey, coming off a 13-0 record and a state championship last season. Over the course of his tenure at Carey, Kirkland holds a 147-36 record as a coach. This includes winning a total of four state championships in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2017. Over the past 13 seasons, Kirkland has amassed a 123-25 record while at Carey.

Kirkland took over the head-coaching position at Carey after his father, Heber Kirkland, retired from the same position. Heber Kirkland won two state championships while he was the head coach. Prior to coming to Carey, Lane Kirkland spent one season in Oakley, Idaho teaching and coaching football. Along with coaching football at Carey, Kirkland also teaches history and helps coach the basketball and track and field teams.

On today’s show, Kirkland and host Keith Grabowski talk about 8-man high school football, having consistency in your program and the creative uses of sandbags.

Show Notes

  • 0:58     How football is different in Idaho
  • 2:11      Building teamwork and pride within the community
  • 3:27     Pillars he builds his program around
  • 4:57     Working hard and having energy at practice
  • 6:42     Using sandbags to build strength and conditioning
  • 9:24     Maintaining consistency within the program
  • 11:24   Newly popular concepts and schemes in 8-man football
  • 12:31   Incorporating RPOs in practice
  • 14:11   Changes in 8-man football to promote safety
  • 15:57   Excitement and intensity being affected by rule changes
  • 16:56   The Winning Edge


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