6 essential offseason tips for high school football players who want to play in college

By Ashton Henderson | Posted 7/2/2018

Now that the summer heatwave has commenced nationwide, here are six essential tips that will help you stay on par this summer to achieve your goals this fall:

1. Check in with the NCAA Eligibility Center

Many young athletes should take this time to ensure they are academically eligible to be recruited in the fall. It is vitally important that you reach out to the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure you are not missing any documents, updated ACT/SAT scores, or any other miscellaneous items that could hinder you from reaching your end goal.

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2. Make sound decisions

Idle time can lead to poor decision-making. This is the time of the year where student-athletes find themselves getting into to trouble because they are bored. For example, while I was being recruited, I could have lost my scholarship offers due to poor decision-making by throwing eggs with my friends on the highway. Had the individuals decided to press charges, this blog or everything that I accomplished would not be present. Just remember this quote from Warren Buffet: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.”

3. Visibility 

This is the time to get to as many skills camps as possible to showcase your ability to various coaches. Take advantage of this time, because all it takes is one time to earn an offer.

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4. Community service

Take the time to give back and volunteer your time where you can make a difference. College coaches love to work with young men who have a vested interest in their communities and beyond. As a student-athlete, it is our duty to be public servants to inspire others to pursue greatness so they can catch excellence.

5. Know what you need to do with standardized tests 

The NCAA sliding scale is amazing and helps young men secure their destination to college. The higher your grades are, the less likely your test scores have to be. For example, I earned a 3.67 GPA out of high school so I only needed to make a 600 or less on the SAT to be eligible to compete. Now, the scoring system has changed, but the sliding scale is still in place. This is the best time to take the ACT/SAT as many times as you can to make sure your scores are on file, and there is no question that you are eligible to be recruited. 

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6. Carpe Diem 

This means, “seize the moment.” Every day presents an opportunity to get better, so attack every one like it’s your last. Anything you desire and aspire to be starts with your mindset. By utilizing the NCAA Eligibility Center, making sound decisions, being visible, giving back to the community, immersing yourself in standardized test, and seizing every opportunity will help you achieve your goals this summer. 

Work hard. Be great.

Ashton Henderson was a four-year letterman at defensive back for Michigan State University as well as an honor student and co-author with former teammate Travis Key of “Beyond The Gridiron: How to successfully transition into collegiate football,” a detailed account of what it takes to be an NCAA Division I football player and successful in life. To learn more about their mission and purchase your copy today, visit: www.beyondthegridironllc.com