[PODCAST] Defensive line coach John Palermo talks about using fundamentals in defensive line play

By USA Football | Posted 9/24/2018


This week on the Game Plan series of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith and Coach Coiner hosts defensive line coach legend John Palermo. Coach Palermo offers coaches effective ways to coach up defensive linemen. In the podcast, Palermo explains that coaches should use the throwback mindset and focus on the fundamentals of defensive line play. He also explains how fundamentals helped him during his coaching years and how it can help other coaches, even with the demand of defensive line play.

Show Notes

01:12 John Palermo Intro

03:50 John Palermo Bio

07:00 Difference in the game

08:20 Great hands, eyes and feet

09:30 Playing the option

10:12 Playing the spread

11:20 4 Technique

12:08 The 3-4

12:55 Fundamentals in collision

13:35 Stopping the run first

14:50 5 techniques

15:30 The changes in defensive line

17:05 Teaching young players

17:20 Playing your personality

19:00 Keep it simple

19:35 What to teach about the eyes

19:58 See the different levels of offensive linemen

20:23 Keep your eyes up

22:00 How to play RPO

23:40 Do your job

24:50 Defending screen pass option

25:20 Coaches must control it

26:26 The assignments

29:15 Drills used to react

29:30 Screen angle drill

32:11 Keep feet moving and always fight pressure

33:00 Reminiscing the Notre Dame championship season

38:45 Football Development information


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