[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski and Brian Kight talk about applying next man up strategies

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 9/27/2018


This week on the Leadership Journey series of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith and Brian talk about the idea of next man up. They talk about the importance of how you get there. Being able to apply next man up strategies requires preparation and a place in your culture. Brian and Keith detail E+R= O (Events+Respones+Outcome) on how coaches and players can prepare for the situation. They explain ideas of how to give and receive feedback, so the players can know where they are at and where they need to be.

Show Notes

02:44 You can’t give what you don’t have

03:05 Teaching E+R=O

04:00 Coaches help level players up

05:40 You have to train like a starter everyday

07:00 Use E+R=O where you are

07:45 Train what if your number never gets called

09:39 Bill Walsh contingency plans idea

11:00 There’s a team and there’s an individual

13:10 Roles must be clarified and its importance

14:45 Show your skillset

15:25 Discipline is the shortcut

18:00 You can’t be totally prepared

19:00 Getting into the mechanics of E+R=O

19:30 R factor limit

20:20 E what players are good at or need to get better at

26:20 You have your own E+R=O

28:20 Daily Discipline

30:30 National Conference Information


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