[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Brian Kight discuss the scale of effort, commitment

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/19/2018

This week in the Leadership Journey series, Keith Grabowski and Brian Kight talk about the variation of effort and commitment in a team. They discuss how coaches get the effort desired from their players. Throughout the course of a season, coaches gain an idea of who is giving maximum effort and who is committed as well as those who are not. Keith and Brian discuss what that looks like and ways to respond to it. Also, how to get the effort and commitment from these players without it being overbearing to them.

Show Notes

02:10 Looking at effort and commitment levels from players

03:25 Feeling like you care more than the players

04:23 The different types of players

05:40 Compliant or defiant

07:27 You always want more from the players

09:05 Let go of players wanting it like you do

11:17 Be a great observer without judging

13:00 Can’t use command and control

14:33 The gap between coaches and players

15:00 Applying standards by decision

16:00 Structure and freedom

17:05 Educated freedom

20:25 Brian’s coach conversation

22:24 Most people must learn to work like a champion

22:49 Don’t view structure as control but as guidance

24:33 It’s a live dynamic

25::38 Flipping the switch

26:25 You must observe

29:05 The why scale

30:12 Being skillful with discipline

31:11 National Conference


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