[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Brian Kight discuss gap between average and elite coaches

By USA Football | Posted 10/5/2018


On today’s episode of the Leadership Journey, a special edition to the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith and Brian Kight talk to coaches about the gap between average and elite coaches. They go past the X’s and O’s to find a deeper reasoning of why there are so many coaches — even successful ones — who miss the mark of elite. They express how having behavioral skills are what push coaches to the elite level and give examples of those who have succeeded in those skills.

Show Notes

01:03 James Franklin great to elite

02:05 What separates average from elite

03:55 Behavior skills

04:55 Job skills are for your effectiveness behavioral skills are for your excellence

06:05 An average coach can have a job

07:55 Ability to create discipline

08:50 Wins and losses count

10:15 The NFL’s elite

12:10 Its not the quick fixes

12:40 Who has the behavioral skills

13:35 Coaches get too locked in and lose it

14:10 Zero in on the behavior skills

17:00 Thinking command and control is the answer

17:50 What do you obtain from control

19:15 Trying to force discipline

20:40 Urgency with patience and empathy with understanding

22:00 Under every tactical execution there are behavior skills involved

23:00 3 categories of behavioral skills

25:00 The kids behavior skills come from the coach’s behavioral skills

26:35 Learn by doing

27:00 National Conference

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