[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Andy Ryland discuss how to develop young players in the postseason

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/31/2018

This week in the Deliberate Practice podcast, co-hosts Keith Grabowski and Andy Ryland talk playoff football. They discuss unique ways to keep practice engaging for your players specifically those younger guys in your locker room. With young guys on JV and some players moved up on varsity that can help get the team ready for the game, it grooms them for the future. Keith and Andy share some neat ideas to help you do that and keep those guys apart of the playoff push and what your team is building for the future.

Show Notes:

02:40 Preparing the varsity and developing the young players

03:10 Dedicate a coach to the young guys and scout team

05:00 Global football development and understanding

05:50 Select the right coach to run the process

07:20 Put together a playlist of key plays

08:40 They have a role

09:20 The way the film helps

10:35 Competition

11:20 Competition during the week

15:00 Giving them something rewarding

15:50 Incorporate the older players

16:50 Lay it out at the beginning of the week

18:45 National Conference

19:35 National Conference promo code


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