[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski & the Denver sports doctors discuss coaches', athletes' mental health

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/12/2018

This week in the Smart Coaching series, Keith Grabowski, Dr. Kucklik and Dr. Gearity discuss athletes’ and coaches’ mental health. This is a subject we all may overlook from time to time and something that needs to be talked about more. Though football is used to bringing joy and a release for some, there’s still a lot of pressures and factors that can affect mental health.

Show Notes:

01:20 Mental health movement

02:05 Lack of addressing mental health

03:25 Bridge of philosophy and psychology

04:00 Anxiety

05:17 Cognitive anxiety

06:50 Developing an enjoyable lifestyle

07:55 Work life balance

10:15 Keith’s life example

11:35 Obsessive behaviors

14:10 Experiencing episodes

15:00 Having self-care in work

15:20 Social factors

17:30 Jim Trussell example

17:55 Protestant work ethic

18:30 Coaching examples

19:20 Marginalized and different practices

20:00 Athlete perspective

21:30 Get away from everything is a grind mentality

22:20 Presentation of self

23:30 Resources and reach out


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