[Podcast] 20 State Champions Share The Winning Edge

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/21/2018

20 State Champions Share the Winning Edge – Show Notes

On today’s show, host Keith Grabowski shares the answers of 20 coaches who have accumulated 162 state championships. Each coach gives his answer to, “What’s the one thing that gives your team the winning edge?”

1:20 Today’s guest has at least five state championships 

1:37 National Conference

2:08 In total the group has accumulated 162 state championships

2:28 Andrew Coverdale, offensive coordinator at Louisville Trinity, two state championships – Set a high bar

4:24 Coverdale’s in-season winning edge – Sense of how to prepare over the long season

6:39 Nick Restifo, offensive coordinator at Cleveland St. Ignatius, 11-time state champ, three-time national champ – Faith

7:49 Nunzio Campanile, running backs coach at Rutgers, six high school state championships as an assistant and one as a head coach – Play for the guy next to you

9:08 Dub Maddox, head coach at Victory Christian, six state championships as an assistant – Knowledge is power

10:35 Rick Jones, head coach at Greenwood (Ark.), eight state championships – Consistency

14:04 Chuck Kyle, head coach at Cleveland St. Ignatius, 11-time state champ, three-time national champ – Develop players

16:07 Noel Rash, head coach at Fort Mitchell (Ky.) Beechwood, five state championships –

17:44 John Roderique, head coach at Webb City (Mo.), 11 state championships –

19:45 Rick Streiff, retired head coach (Indianapolis Cathedral), 10 state championships[GP1]  –

20:11 Kevin Kelley, head coach at Little Rock (Ark.) Pulaski Academy, six state championships – Buy in

20:33 Galen Brantley, head coach at Soldotna (Alaska), 10 state championships – Empowerment

21:03 Lane Kirkland, head coach at Carey (Idaho), five state championships – Teamwork and have fun

21:50 Jason Mohns, head coach at Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro, six state championship – Love

22:16 Mohns’ in-season winning edge – Experience

22:47 Alex Rotsko, head coach at South Berwick (Maine) Marshwood, 14 state championships – Success is a choice

24:26 Dave Walker, head coach at Martinsburg (W.Va.), seven state championships – Offseason

25:43 David DeVaughn, head coach at Ben Eielson (Alaska), five state championships, head coach[GP2]  –

26:32 Chuck Smith, head coach at Boyle County (Ky.), six state championships, head coach – The head coach molds the chemistry of the team

28:02 Tom Wilson,  head coach at Des Moines (Iowa) Dowling Catholic, seven state championships [GP3] [GP4] [GP5] –

20:03 Strait Herron, retired head coach (South Pointe [S.C.]), five state championships – Confidence that comes from organization

31:21 Herb Brogan, head coach at Jackson (Mich) Lumen Christi Catholic, 11 state championships – Work ethic and attitude


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