[Podcast] Game Plan Your Next Job - Executing your first 90 Days with Mark Solis

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/14/2018

Show Notes:

Today in the Game Plan Your Next Job series, Keith Grabowski gets with coach Mark Solis as they discuss the first 90 days on the job as a new coach. Coach Solis is the head coach at Lewis Center (Ohio) Olentangy High School and describes some of his experiences transitioning as the new coach. Keith and Coach Solis provide examples coaches can use when preparing to coach a new team, and Coach Solis drills home some major points to starting out in a new coaching job.

01:35 Making impact after getting the job

02:20 The first meeting with the kids

03:12 Have an idea of staff

04:30 Keith’s experience with the initial meeting

05:25 Setting the tone

06:35 Meeting set up

07:20 Collaboration with teaching staff

08:11 Getting the right people on the coaching staff

09:05 Lean on the athletic director

09:30 Do your homework and interview

10:50 Make sure you’re surrounding the kids with good people

11:42 Evaluating the football infrastructure

12:10 Foster a relationship with your booster club

14:26 Understand the relationship with the booster club

14:45 Keith’s booster club experience

15:33 Work with the booster club for the benefit of the kids

16:25 Don’t be afraid to ask about the budget

16:55 What’s happening in the weight room

17:22 Understand procedure and protocols for purchasing items

18:02 Keith’s Hudl subscription example

18:45 Be detailed

19:35 Break down the offseason work

19:55 Understand your players as individuals

20:26 Meet parents and engage with the community

20:40 Community night example

21:00 Making sure you touch base with all the stakeholders

21:25 Keith’s community meeting example

22:35 Getting the word out

23:20 Building relationships with players

24:00 Be consistent

24:35 Don’t compromise what you truly believe in

25:10 Understand the landscape of the community you’re entering

25:25 Be clear with your vision and communication

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