[Podcast] Game Plan Your Next Job - Strategies and Tips for a Winning Interview with Butch Reiser

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/13/2018

Show Notes:

On this episode of the Game Plan Your Next Job series, Keith Grabowski talks with interview coach Butch Reiser about the interview process. Reiser works with athletes and coaches across all levels on interview skills and proper interview interaction. Keith asks Reiser to share some of his tips for the interview process that can best prepare coaches of what to look out for in an interview.

01:10 Butch Reiser bio

03:00 The opportunity in the “Tell me about yourself” 

03:25 Reiser’s finger answer method

04:58 Keep your answer down to two minutes

05:40 The best interview is a dialogue

06:00 Why this job? Why this program?

07:40 Addressing your weaknesses

08:02 Reiser’s sandwich technique

09:10 Situational questions, “Tell me about a time…”

09:22 The S.T.A.R method

• Situation

• Task

• Action steps

• Results

10:37 Try to end stories on a happy note

11:45 Situational questions, “What would you do if…”

13:45 Questions at the end of the interview

14:45 Reiser’s favorite questions to use 

16:05 How do you close?

16:45 Follow up

17:10 Hand written thank you card

17:55 Connect with Butch Reiser:


Email: Butch@allprointerview.com

Twitter: @Butch_Reiser

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