[Podcast] Game Plan Your Next Job - Having a Year Round Calendar Program with Mike Kirschner

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/17/2018

Show Notes: 

Today in the Game Plan Your Next Job series, , Keith Grabowski has Mike Kirschner on to talk about having a year-round calendar for your program. Mike Kirschner is the head coach at Mt. Vernon High School . Coach Kirschner has carried this year-round calendar form the start of his coaching career to set a plan and tone for his programs. Kirschner breaks down his calendar and the importance of having communal involvement within this plan.

01:32 Importance of having a 12-month plan

02:45 Transitioning into a new program

04:45 Importance of 12-month plan from Coach Kirschner's point of view

06:20 Winter phase December through February

07:20 Getting the kids refocused

09:08 Youth winter academy

10:45 Self-evaluation

11:35 Show them how much you care

13:45 Coach Kirschner breaks down the youth academy

16:35 Coaching up the youth league coaches

18:05 Heads Up Football

19:00 Shoulder Tackle

19:35 Spring phase March through May

21:25 Going to clinics

22:55 Think about development

23:45 Summer Phase June through August

24:00 Letting kids have time

25:20 Summer youth camp

26:55 Co-Captains running

28:15 Making time for families

29:05 Handling the summer

31:00 Communicating and holding the kids accountable

32:15 Be careful

33:05 Season phase August through November

33:20 Keeping the families involved

33:35 Mom's 1-on-1 night

34:30 Team cookout

35:11 Importance of being involved with the kids

36:05 Laying the ground work

37:18 Be positive role models

37:55 Coach Kirschner’s connection with the parents

39:25 Good recruiting tool

40:10 Recommendations for those looking for head coaching jobs

40:50 Connect with coach:

41:55 Coach Kirschner personal football impact

Email: mike.kirschner@mvcsc.k12.in.us

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