[Podcast] The Sideline Hustle - Drew Lieberman

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/28/2019

Show Notes:

Keith Grabowski was joined by Drew Lieberman, founder and CEO of the Sideline Hustle live from USA Football’s National Conference. The Sideline Hustle is a platform that breaks down wide receiver technique and shares tools for wideouts around the country. Coach Lieberman shares his leap of faith to creating this platform, its growth and the results the organizing has experienced thus far.

Recorded live at the 2019 USA Football National Conference.

01:00 What led to the Sideline Hustle?

02:55 Player engaged content

04:20 Where to go with Sideline Hustle?

06:12 Route running

08:30 Getting to the defender’s blind spot

10:57 Training the attack of the blind spot

12:35 Training the slot receiver

14:48 Attacking the short arm

16:25 Techniques against press coverage

18:18 Coverage triangle

21:34 Keeping scheme simple

23:32 Culture of receivers

26:25 Great things picked up during the offseason

28:34 Double down on social media

33:10 Excitement at National Conference

Connect with coach:

Instagram: @sidelinehustle

Twitter: @sidelinehustle

Youtube: The Sideline Hustle


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