Prep for the Season: Peopletrail partners with USA Football for sports background checks

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 5/8/2018

Whether you're a sports parent, league administrator or high school athletic director, you don't want to have to worry about athlete safety when it comes to the adults around them, whether they're coaches, officials or volunteers.

With Peopletrail — the official background check partner of USA Football — the thorough screening process alleviates that concern. 

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Retired NFL referee Jeff Triplette relies on Peopletrail's extensive sports services in his role as CEO for ArbiterSports, the sports officiating software company of the NCAA.

"Our partners must provide the same level of high-quality service that our clients have come to expect from us. Our clients can trust Peopletrail to provide this," Triplette said. "The real value with Peopletrail is their ability to address our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. Our clients need to get officials assigned as quickly as possible. They expect the best, and they expect it with speed. They also expect us to always be improving. Peopletrail brings this."

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Here's a look at the eight primary facets of Peopletrail's sports screening package:

1. Credit reports: Peopletrail reviews histories with a report from three major credit bureau reporting systems. When considering an applicant, it’s important to have a clear and concise profile, and credit reports can reveal factors relating to financial irresponsibility. They also uncover possible identity or resume fraud by revealing name variations, historical addresses and past employment information.

2. Criminal investigation: Screening specialists search jurisdictional court records in the more than 3,000 counties across the United States. The records provide quick, up-to-date information on felonies, misdemeanors and criminal traffic offenses. 

3. Employment verification: This involves a check of applicant-reported employment references. Businesses often review such histories to avoid resume fraud or for input from a previous employer.  

4. Federal criminal records search: These can uncover unprosecuted or unrecorded criminal info at the county or state level, and can include interstate drug crimes, weapons, civil rights, immigration or securities and tax law violations.

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5. I-9 management: Employers must retain copies of I-9 forms for all employees for three years after the date of hire or a year after termination. Failure to omplete and retain the I-9 can subject employers to civil penalties up to $1,100. Peopletrail provides I-9 management for clients, which lets employers store and verify electronic forms without the hassle of storage and maintenance.

6. Sex and violent offender report: Federal law requires sex offenders to register in the state in which they reside, but not all states provide this info to the public. Peopletrail determines which search will bring the most effective results. Details may include identifiers, registered address, aliases, case numbers, charges, conviction details and periods of incarceration.

7. Social Security search: Peopletrail provides up-to-date consumer-identifying info, instantly obtained from confidential credit report sources. This search verifies the applicant’s Social Security number and identity, and also supplies name variations, date of birth, current and previous addresses, and former employers.

8. Statewide search: When necessary, a repository search frequently provides a cost-effective way to cover your entire state. Collected and available data varies by state.

To request a Peopletrail consultation now, click here.

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