Prep for the Season: Gilman Gear brings nearly 90 years of football equipment experience to the practice field

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 5/17/2018

Gilman Gear has supplied football practice equipment for nearly a century. Marty Gilman, who founded the company in 1929, first made dummies of canvas and cotton, and invented staples like blocking and tackling sleds, the pop-up dummy and hand shield, all of which became standards in the sport. 

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That tradition continues, as Gilman Gear now partners with USA Football to give football programs across the country the tools they need to succeed. Here’s a look at some of their popular products:


Gilman football sled

Gilman delivers long-lasting durability and functionality, whether it’s regular football sleds, youth sleds or crab sleds, from one-man to seven-man.


Gilman dummy

Whether it’s block dummies, pop-up dummies, stepover dummies or throw dummies, long-lasting Gilman Gear dummies feature gravity control and weight that won't give ground easily, exactly what you need in a training dummy. 

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Gilman shields

Gilman offers a wide array of shields for football training, including regular shields and pads, filled shields and hand shields. Each variation is designed with specific drills and goals in mind.

Chutes and boards

Gilman football chute

With equipment designed to get athletes in correct football position and develop proper execution, these training machines and products offer coaches versatility and convenience.

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Gilman football arch

For both linemen and skill positions, Gilman arches effectively teach football posture and technique, so when it's time for live game action, a player's movements are already second nature.

Gilman also offers drill equipment for quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers; football conditioning; youth practice; game day needs; practice and officials vests and more.

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