[Podcast] State Champion Coach Ryan Partridge speaks on his motivation to coach and what makes his program special

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/8/2019

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith Grabowski speaks with Liberty High School (CA) Athletic Director and Head Coach, Ryan Partridge. Coach Partridge guided Liberty to winning the California 1A state championship. Partridge is a first-time guest and avid listener of the podcast. Coach Partridge shares his motivation to coach, what makes his program at Liberty special and how he balances it all with his family life.

01:12 Coach Partridge motivation to coach

01:55 Impacts on Coach Partridge’s coaching philosophy

03:44 Keith and Coach Partridge’s mutual connections and resources

05:00 Advice received as a coach

06:25 Importance of being yourself

08:00 Marketing impact on the program

09:45 Book coach learned from: “Above the Line”, Urban Meyer

11:05 Building culture: battalion leaders

14:45 Leadership courses and challenges

16:05 Keys for consistency of success

17:35 Building Liberty’s offense

19:10 Simplifying to one formation

20:40 Show it, hear it and do it

21:20 Learn to Win

22:00 Learning competition

22:50 Advantage of using a drone for practice

25:35 Clasp, stick, scrap, j-angle, hit by and engage

30:05 Successful RPO play for Liberty

32:22 Practicing the RPO

33:55 Major concerns for the game of football

36:05 Advice for the young coach

37:00 Balancing life outside of football

39:30 Winning Edge

40:00 Connect with coach:

Email: coachryanpartridge@gmail.com

Twitter: @coachpart

Photo Courtesy: The Brentwood Press

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