[Podcast] Home Team with Joel Nellis featuring Head Coach Kevin Bullis

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/9/2019

Show Notes:

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, guest host Joel Nellis continues the Home Team series with guest Kevin Bullis. Coach Bullis is the head coach at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Coach Bullis was hired in 2015, and since his hiring Wisconsin-Whitewater has an overall record of 44-7, and a conference record of 26-2. Coach Bullis talks about the integration of family in his career as a coach, and how having them involved with his career has made him a better family man and coach.

03:42 Coach Bullis meeting his wife

04:50 Managing time together

05:30 What makes Bullis’ wife so invaluable?

06:10 The sacrifice of time

07:10 Coach Bullis’ kids

08:40 Coach Bullis’ son Joseph on staff

10:10 The dynamic of Coach Bullis and his son as coaches

11:05 Coach Bullis’ negotiation with his wife about moving to UWW

13:05 Discussion of having kids

14:45 Coach Bullis' advice on moving

18:00 Small things Coach Bullis does to help the marriage and family

24:45 Importance of family

27:30 Importance of execution in football

30:30 Challenges as coach

33:00 Coach Bullis’ approach to coaching as father

34:55 Making players feel valued off the field

36:50 Ramping up team discipline

39:20 Coach Bullis’ desire to teach and learn life lessons

Photo Courtesy: The Fergus Falls Daily Journal

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