[Podcast] Home Team with Joel Nellis - Coach Joe Holtzclaw

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/4/2019

Show Notes:

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, guest host Joel Nellis is joined by coach Joe Holtzclaw on the “Home Team” series. Coach Holtzclaw currently serves as the run game coordinator and offensive line coach at Winona State in Minnesota. Nellis and Holtzclaw discuss the importance of family in the coaching profession and how that factor plays in Coach Holtzclaw’s daily life as a coach.

02:15 How Coach Holtzclaw met his wife

03:20 Coach Holtzclaw’s wife’s background

06:35 Coach Holtzclaw’s kids

08:39 Winona coaching staff support with kids

12:32 Negotiating about the coaching profession

15:17 Involving the family in the move

18:20 Recommendations for moving and what to avoid

20:40 Helping the marriage during the season

22:50 Helping on the home front

25:30 Coaches’ kids being involved in the program

27:35 Family events during the season

29:15 Managing phone time at home

31:30 Avoiding overanalyzing

36:00 Coach Holtzclaw sharing a struggle during his career

38:00 Parenting going into coaching

40:55 Making players feel valued off the field

43:12 Communication helping Coach Holtzclaw

46:15 Legacy that Coach Holtzclaw wants to leave

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Photo Courtesy: Winona Daily News


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