[Podcast] End of Season Defense Evaluation- Robert Pomazak, Head Coach of St. Charles North High School (Ill.)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/4/2020

On today's episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome back Robert Pomazak, the head coach of St. Charles North High School (Ill.). Coach Pomazak has developed a system to help track and evaluate the performance of his defense throughout the season. Hear how Coach Pomazak tracks his defense's red zone success rate, efficiency on third down and performance at the end and beginning of each half. 

0:21 Intro

1:33 Developing the evaluation system

3:55 Defensive interrogation

6:02 Investing time 

8:08 What to look for in an evaluation

11:22 Front analysis

12:57 Evaluating blitzes

16:10 Looking for tendency breakers

17:18 Analyzing different coverages

20:04 Blitzes from odd fronts

21:40 Indicators in defensive coverages

24:32 Delegating to coaches

27:06 Why did we fail or succeed

29:38 Down and distance

31:46 Red zone and two-minute

33:17 The middle eight

35:31 Assessing technique 

38:54 Breaking down defensive language

41:19 Opponent scouting at clinics

43:18 Closing

You can follow Coach Pomazak on Twitter @Robertpomazak.

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