[Podcast] Leg Savers for Receivers with Drew Lieberman

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/11/2019

Keith Grabowski is joined by Drew Lieberman for today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast recorded live from USA Football’s National Conference. Lieberman is the founder and CEO of the Sideline Hustle, a platform that breaks down wide receiver technique and shares tools for wideouts around the country. Today, Coach Lieberman details different ways to make your wide receivers better as well as saving their legs at this point in the season.

0:55 Drew’s current coaching job

2:08 Recovery

3:15 Monitor how many routes are run and how they’re run

3:39 Ball drills

7:30 Saving legs

9:15 Doing drills that work specific parts of a route

11:27 Ball circuit during special teams

13:00 Changes Drew has noticed this season

14:28 Drew’s players’ favorite concept

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