Film to Field Friday on Coach and Coordinator – Fight to Track

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 5/31/2019

In this special video version of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith Grabowski sits down with USA Football senior manager of education and training Andy Ryland, Fordham University assistant coach Vince DiGaetano and Munford (Tenn.) High School head coach Slade Calhoun to discuss the use of analytics in tackling and how video evaluation helps create both the practice plan and the game plan.

The discussion focuses on the Munford’s tackling analysis, specifically on the Fight to Track skills. Fight to Track is from USA Football’s Advanced Tackling System. A defense is only as good as each tackler. The system utilizes a common language, a systematic teaching progression and evaluation tools to coach better tacklers. Video examples from Munford High School are used to point our areas needing improvement. The coaches discuss the drills that can be used to correct the errors.


This private analysis by Andy Ryland or any master trainer is not a part of any Advanced Tackling System subscription at this time and exists as an example for how you can leverage the resources within the system.

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Show Notes:

:20 Coach introductions

:58 What Coach Calhoun hopes to get out of this session

1:30 Coach’s biggest concern with tackling

2:22 Fight to Track introduction

3:10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

4:02 Breakdown of a Five Fights report

6:42 Munford High’s report

10:30 Pre- and post-contact drills

13:15 Explaining the Five Fights Hudl breakdown

16:42 Clip #1 breakdown

22:37 Clip #2 breakdown

29:25 Clip #3 breakdown

34:44 Clip #4 breakdown- angle approach and leverage

38:52 Clip #5 breakdown

42:45 Reactive Star drill

46:11 2-Man Fracture Drill

49:00 Coach Calhoun’s drills

55:55 Coach Calhoun’s changes in watching film and teaching tackling due to the Five Fights

57:52 How to fit new drills into practice

59:30 Adjusting tackling to fit scheme

1:02:00 Body language

1:04:25 How important is it for coaches to develop and learn the system

1:05:30 Sign offs

1:06:45 USA Football/Five Fights information

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